Nikko (Tochigi) ~ 日光#2


Please check out Nikko basic info #1

【Sightseeing spots】
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Please check this before you go to Nikko 😉

Overnight stay:
Places to stay : There are not many lodging facilities in the Eastern Nikko Station area.
In terms of areas, I recommend that you plan mainly to stay in the Kinugawa Onsen, Chuzenji Lakeside, and Nikko Yumoto areas.
Also, there are not many affordable accommodations such as guesthouses and hostels like in Kyoto and Tokyo, so we recommend that you make reservations in advance if you plan to stay overnight!

Plan C : Kinugawa and Oku-Nikko Greedy Plan
Day 1:
Nikko Toshogu Shrine
Meiji no Yakata (Western-style lunch):Now serves Western cuisine as a cultural heritage restaurant, was originally built by an American man named F.W. Horn as a summer home in the late Meiji Period. He was the founder of Nihon Gramophone Shokai (now Nippon Columbia), known as the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell phonographs and records.
・World Heritage Site: Nikko-zan Rinnoji Temple & Nikko Futaarasan Shrine
Tobu World Square theme park : World Architecture Museum, which recreates the world’s buildings and world heritage sites at 1/25th scale.
Kinugawa Onsen(stay overnight)
Day 2:
Iroha-zaka slope (driving *rental car):It is famous for its autumn foliage, which is usually at its best from mid-October to early November. It is a 15.8 km long mountain road connecting downtown Nikko, Lake Chuzenji and Oku-Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, and is one of the 100 best roads in Japan. Please note that considerable traffic congestion can be expected during the fall foliage season.
Kegon Falls
Lake Chuzenji(lunch)
Ryuzu Falls
Senjogahara (hiking) : It is a high-altitude marsh located in Nikko National Park. The elevation is approximately 1,390 to 1,400 meters above sea level, and it covers an area of 400 hectares. The name “Senjogahara” comes from a legend that the gods of the mountain fought on this marshland.
for hikers : Nikko Yumoto Visitor Center you can get some info and download map here.
Yudaki Waterfall : Located at the southern end of Lake Yunoko, this 70-meter-high, 110-meter-long waterfall cascades down the rock wall of the Mitake lava flow that created Lake Yunoko by holding back the Yugawa River.

Plan D:Leisurely Drive Plan
Day 1:
British Embassy Villa Memorial Park : Park where visitors can enjoy being in contact with the rich nature of Lake Chuzenji and the history of an international summer resort.
Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park:Located in the Nikko Nature Museum as well as the British Embassy Villa Memorial Park.
→a hotel near Lake Chuzenji 
(Many luxury hotels such as Ritz Carlton Nikko and Hoshinoya Kai stand side by side.)
Day 2:
Yunodaira Marshland : Although once part of Lake Yunoko, it was cut off from Lake Yunoko due to the accumulation of sediment carried by the stream. Because of the hot spring water gushing out, the lake never freezes in winter and is visited by many animals throughout the year, including Japanese macaques and Japanese deer.
SenjogaharaRyuzu FallsKegon FallsNikko Toshogu Shrine

Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park

Plan E : For hiking and camping (the plan I followed with Hiker)
・Nikko Toshogu Shrine (→ Bus: Traffic jam in autumn!)
・Iroha slope
・Kegon Falls (→hiking)
Shobugahama Camping Village (overnight stay in tents)
The opening period changes every year, so please check the website before visiting. There are cooking facilities, toilets, shower rooms, and a store. Resource waste is to be taken home. Tent stay is 1,500 yen per adult.(at 2022.4)
・Ryuzu Waterfall
・Yudaki Waterfall
Lake Yunoko (→bus: to Eastern Nikko Station):The lake is about 3 km in circumference and was formed when the Yugawa River was dammed by the eruption of Mitake. There is a walking trail along the shore of the lake, and it takes about one hour to walk around the lake.

【+α Neighborhood】
Nasu: For those visiting Nikko by car, we highly recommend adding an extra night to your trip to Nasu Kogen. It is about an hour’s drive from Nikko, but you can enjoy ranching and highland cuisine.
Utsunomiya : famous for its gyoza (dumplings), about 1 hour and 15 minutes away by JR Nikko Line or 50 minutes by car. Gyoza lovers, be sure to stop by!


C: 鬼怒川も奥日光も欲張りプラン
     ・明治の館 (洋食ランチ)
     ・世界遺産 日光山輪王寺&日光二荒山神社
2日目:・いろは坂(ドライブ  *レンタカー)

1日目:英国大使館別荘記念公園 &イタリア大使館別荘記念公園