Hokkaido! Ultra compact trip Otaru&Hakodate 小樽・函館2泊3日

2nights 3days, super short trip to Hokkaido. Otaru and Hakodate are so great to be in some holiday. Must eat seafood there!!!!

武田信玄公祭り Shingen-ko Festival (甲府, Kofu in Yamanashi)

the festival with the largest gathering of Samurai.

!! Finally !! Reopen to Visa-free personal travelers!

Finally, It's official . Japan will reopen to Individual Travelers and it's Visa- free!

Love & Peace Hiroshima ~ 広島

I would like both foreigners and Japanese to actually go to the Peace Memorial Museum, in front of the A-bomb Dome in Hiroshima once and think about what peace means to them.

Sawara Grand Festival (Chiba)~ 佐原の大祭(千葉)

For those who want to enjoy Japanese festivals! Why don't you experience Japanese culture in Sawara, Chiba? The streets of Sawara give the atmosphere of the Edo period, and the festival is a traditional festival with a human touch that you cannot experience in the city. Why not take the plunge into the community?

Peach season has come! in Yamanashi ~桃の季節 in 山梨

If you are planning an outing from Tokyo this summer, why not visit Yamanashi, the kingdom of peaches and grapes with Mt.Fuji, just two hours from Tokyo?

Mt. Fuji Opening 〜富士山山開き

In addition to information on climbing Mt.Fuji, How about peach and grape picking as well?

Ikebukuro(Tokyo)~ 池袋

There are many concept cafes, including maid cafes that offer 2.5-dimensional uniforms and service, as well as a full range of theater facilities. We introduce Ikebukuro, which is a must-see destination for girls who love anime, including stores that offer a wide variety of authentic cosplay goods.


Background A lively shopping district with everything...

Resumed accepting foreign tourists to JAPAN !?

Still need VISA for traveling Japan, and small tour only.... be patient with this slow government move!!!