Resumed accepting foreign tourists to JAPAN !?

The airport resumed accepting foreign tourists on June 10, but the airport is a shell of its former self.There are obvious and understandable reasons for this.

Individual travel is not allowed.

② VISA is required to enter the country (even for group tourists), and the application process started on the 10th.

③ Government guidelines are quite strict. 

Personal Opinion

Now that individual travel, which used to account for 70% of the total number of visitors before Corona’s isolation, is not allowed, guesthouses, interpreter agencies, etc., which are in high demand from individual travelers, are not allowed to enter only for this group travel.
The situation is as difficult as ever for guesthouses, interpreter service providers, and other businesses that are in high demand from individual travelers.

Adding to the confusion is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Entry-Related Health Management System (ERFS).
In order to apply for a tourist visa for Japan, each traveler’s local travel agency must apply to ERFS and be issued an ID, which is then given to the prospective visitor to apply for a visa. The ERFS will not become operational until June 10, and the system, which was guided but not detailed, will resume accepting foreign tourists on June 10, is that “the ERFS will actually ‘start accepting ERFS applications’ on that date.

The Japan Tourism Agency’s website also details the guidelines, which are addressed to Japanese travel agencies in Japanese, and it is doubtful that travelers would agree to such rules and regulations in advance of their trip….
Even Japanese people are looking for a time to stop, such as wearing masks, and now they are asking foreigners to do the same. I feel sorry for them because they can’t seem to choose what they want to eat on the tour, even the meals they were looking forward to.
I feel sorry for them. I think that the trip they were looking forward to may not be as enjoyable as it should be, with all the prohibitions.

The reality is that we are far from being as receptive to tourists as the G7, and I can’t help but wonder about the business opportunities we are missing out on with this weak yen.
I sincerely hope that those who are really looking forward to coming to Japan will come to a more normal Japan.