Mt.Fuji 富士山 ~(Yamanashi) #2


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Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival : April 16 – May 29, 2022
With the World Heritage Site “Mt. Fuji” in the background, the 1.5 hectares of the Fuji Motosuko Resort will be filled with approximately 500,000 shiba-zakura plants, one of the largest in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Kawaguchiko Herb Festival: Saturday, June 18 – Sunday, July 10, 2022
 Purple lavenders will be in full bloom around Kawaguchiko Yagisaki Park and Oishi Park.
Kawaguchiko Lake Festival: Friday, August 5, 2022
 This is the largest scale fireworks festival in the Fuji Five Lakes. Musical fireworks, large fireworks, and other fireworks will decorate the summer night sky in a spectacular manner.
Fuji-Kawaguchiko Autumn Foliage Festival : From early November
About 400 to 500 trees along the shore of Lake Kawaguchi will be covered with autumn leaves. A fantastic illumination is held along the Autumn Foliage Corridor.


・Houtou : a local dish of Yamanashi Prefecture, is thicker than flat noodles stewed with plenty of vegetables and miso paste. It is said that even Shingen Takeda, the famous Kai warlord, ate “houtou,” a nutritious dish, when he was in battle.
・Yoshida’s udon : a local dish eaten mainly in the city of Fujiyoshida in Yamanashi Prefecture and the Yamanashi Prefecture Gunnai region, which includes the city of Fujiyoshida. Hard and very firm noodles and Suridane is the characteristic.
SENGENCHAYA : Can eat both Houtou & Yoshida’s udon.
Houtou Fudo : can eat Houtou and also Basashi( Raw Horse meat).
LAKE BAKE : Bakery and cafe on the north shore of Lake Kawaguchi, next to “Kawaguchiko Shizen Seikatsukan” and “Oishi Park”. Close on Wed, 2nd&4th Thu.
Fujiyama-beer:You can taste beer made by authentic German meisters with the best natural water in Japan!
SYLVANS: Home-brewed beer and gardening restaurant Fujizakura Heights Beer is available.

Houtou _ 農林水産省Webサイト

PICA Fuji-Saiko: Surrounded on three sides by pine trees, this campground is recommended for those who want to enjoy camping in peace and quiet. A dog run is also available.
Dreaming Kawaguchiko Cottage Tozawa Center : Cottages and rental villas on the north shore of Lake Kawaguchi, by the lake with a spectacular view of Mt. Tent sites and day-trip BBQ are also available.
Dot Hostel&Bar Fujisan : located in Ooishi, Kawaguchiko.
Mt.Fuji Hostel Samurise Kura: One minute walk from Kawaguchiko Station. Hostel with comfort and Japanese design, renovated from an old private house.
Kagerou Mt.Fuji Hostel Kawaguchiko : Hostel with restaurant, near Fuji-Q Highland
FUFU Kawaguchiko : Private space surrounded by the scent of forest
KUKUNA, Fujikawaguchiko Resort & Spa, Mt.Fuji : a resort that offers Mt.Fuji scenery and nature beauty.
・Ryokan ( Japanese Hotel )
UBUYA : Fuji from all guest rooms at a luxury onsen ryokan on Lake Kawaguchi.
Konanso : Location with a view of Lake Kawaguchi and the sacred mountain of Fuji from the window
Ooike Hotel:Onsen ryokan boasts the best garden bath in Kawaguchiko Onsen, a bath with a spectacular view of Mt.
In Ootsuki : For those who stay one night in Otsuki and go to Katsunuma, Kiyosato, or Oizumi, or return to Tokyo.
Tokyu Inn Fujisan Otsuki-eki : There are not many hotels in Otsuki, and this is a recently established business-type hotel.

+α Neighborhood

Katsunuma (Koshu city):With a history of 1,300 years of grape growing and 130 years of wine making, Koshu City is known as “the capital of fruits and wine.
Yamanashi-city : It is a place full of nature, including fruits, hot springs, and valleys!
YatsugatakeKiyosato : Feel the mountains close by and enjoy hiking and gourmet food in the highland area.

・河口湖湖上祭 :2022年8月5日(金)
・富士河口湖紅葉まつり : 11月上旬〜
・LAKE BAKE :河口湖北岸の湖畔で、『河口湖自然生活館』『大石公園』の隣にあるパン屋&カフェ 
・PICA 富士西湖:三方を松林に囲まれており、静かにキャンプを楽しみたい人におすすめのキャンプ場です。ドッグラン併設。  
・Dot Hostel & Bar 富士山     河口湖町大石  
・Mt.Fuji Hostel Samurise 蔵
・Kagerou Mt.Fuji Hostel Kawaguchiko 
 ・湯けむり富士の宿 大池ホテル 富士山の見える温泉旅館 

・勝沼:ワイナリー 温泉 ぶどう作り1300年、ワイン造り130年の歴史を持つ甲州市は、「フルーツとワインの都」と称されます。