Events & Christmas Market in Tokyo & Germany?

image from Tokyo Christmas market 2021

The Christmas markets have started! However, here in Germany, many of the markets have been cancelled due to the spread of corona, although there was a lot of preparation going on. Around here in Bavaria and Franconia, sadly, a large percentage of the markets have been cancelled. I was looking forward to it, but… (tears) I saw the construction in progress, but… Too bad!
So, I’d like to introduce you to the Japanese Christmas market. It may sound strange, but it can’t be helped.

There are certain places where events are held, so I hope this will be useful to foreign tourists who are getting a little tired of going to touristy places, and to foreigners living in Japan!

Roppongi Hills
Illuminations and Christmas Markets 
Home of Christmas, A market that reproduces the atmosphere of Germany, which is a reproduction of a market in Stuttgart. Spice wreaths, advent calendars, currywurst and glühwein….

Hibiya Park
Hibiya Park always has Oktoberfest and many other events. You can see the event information from the notices, so please check it out in other seasons.
This is Tokyo Christmas Market 2021 in Hibiya Park”(12/10~25)
The market will use the Dresden market as its image, and a 14-meter Christmas pyramid will come from Seiffen, Germany. There will be 16 restaurants and 10 general stores. There will be chocolate Lindt, glühwein, schnitzel, currywurst, raclette, beer, and in the general merchandise section, nutcrackers, ornaments, mysterious Russian food, Matryoshka, and Disney.

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
There’s a music festival, a B-grade gourmet event, a skating rink, and many other events going on here too! You should check it out when you are in Yokohama.

Now, here is the Christmas Market in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (~12/25)
**Please note that there are free days and paid days. Please note that there are free days and paid days. For paid days, advance reservation and online payment via Peatix are required.

The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse has a connection to Germany, so this Christmas market has been held since 2010, and this is the 12th time it has been held.
There are 16 food and beverage stores and 12 sundry stores. There are 16 shops selling food and beverages and 12 shops selling general merchandise, including roasted beef tongue grasshoppers, braised beef Sauerbraten, glühwein, Lindt hot chocolate, raclette-style sausages, ayerpunsch (eggnog), roast pork, and schnitzel. The general store also had Romanovs, matryoshkas, advent calendars, wreaths, snow globes, and DEMMER tea.

このマグがカワイイ Love this Christmas mugs!




“Home of Christmas, A market that reproduces the atmosphere of Germany” ということで、シュツットガルトのマーケットを再現。7店舗出ているようです!スパイスリース、アドベントカレンダー、カリーブルストにグリューワイン。。。いいな〜〜♪

こちらは、「東京クリスマスマーケット2021 in 日比谷公園」 (12/10~25)

さて、こちらのクリスマスマーケットは、「Christmas Market in 横浜赤レンガ倉庫」(~12/25)

横浜赤レンガ倉庫がドイツに所縁があることから、本場の雰囲気を感じられるクリスマスマーケットとして2010年から開催し、今回で12回目の実施となるそうです! 店舗は飲食が16店、雑貨が12店。 牛タンローストのグラーシュ、牛肉の煮込みSauerbraten、グリューワイン、こちらもLindtのホットチョコレート、ラクレット風ソーセージ、アイヤープンシュ(卵酒)、ローストポーク、シュニッツェルなど。雑貨店はやっぱりここにもロマノフ、マトリョーシカ、そしてアドベントカレンダーとリースにスノードーム、デンメアの紅茶。

送料無料 リンツ Lindt チョコレート リンドール 23個入り テイスティングセット| ギフト 洋菓子ギフト かわいい お菓子 スイーツ プレゼント 可愛い 手土産 内祝い 内祝いお返し お礼 リンツチョコ 誕生日 クリスマス X’mas 冬ギフト 退職 職場

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