Chichibu City, with a population of about 62,000, is located in the northwestern part of Saitama Prefecture. It is the largest municipality in the prefecture and offers many local delicacies, sightseeing spots, and activities to enjoy nature.


by Train From Shinjuku in Tokyo (about 2h40min by limited express)
Shinjuku (JR Saikyo Line/Yamanote Line) → Ikebukuro (Seibu Line Limited Express Laview Chichibu) → Seibu Chichibu/Ohanabatake (Chichibu Railway bound for Hanyu) → Nagatoro 
Chichibu Free Pass
This ticket includes a round-trip ticket from a station on the Seibu Line to Seibu-Chichibu Station and a free ticket between Ashigakubo and Seibu-Chichibu Station and Chichibu Railway (between Nogami, Nagatoro and Mibuguchi Stations). In addition to discounted fares on the Seibu Line, the ticket also entitles you to discounted rates at sponsored facilities and stores.

If you don’t buys the free pass, another route may be good for the return trip!
Nagatoro (Chichibu Railway) → Yorii (Tobu Tojo Line bound for Ogawamachi) → Ogawamachi (Tobu Tojo Line express bound for Ikebukuro) → Ikebukuro (JR Yamanote Line) → Shinjuku

Chichibu Railroad : SL operation and events in collaboration with anime.

Sightseeing Spots

Nagatoro Gorge : Nagatoro Gorge is a scenic area created by the clear waters of the Arakawa River and is designated as a national scenic beauty and natural monument. There are rock pavements about 50 meters wide and 600 meters long, and a rock wall dozens of meters high called Chichibu Aka Kabe (Chichibu Red Cliff). Visitors can actually walk on the rock pavement and also enjoy line descent. (Mid-March to early December)
【Access】 5 min. walk from Chichibu Nagatoro Station on the Chichibu Railway.

Hodosan:which rises 497 meters above sea level, takes its name from a mountain that was climbed by the Japanese deity Musunon. Hodosan Shrine at the foot of the mountain, the Lohbai Garden at the summit, the Ume Hyakkaen (plum blossom garden), Hodosan Small Animal Park, and many other attractions are scattered throughout the mountain.
Ropeway : The Hodosan Ropeway, which is built up to the halfway up the mountain, connects the foot station to the summit station, which is 963 meters long, in about 15 minutes.
【Access】On weekends, shuttle buses run from Nagatoro Station every 15~30 minutes *Confirm at the tourist center in front of the station.
Small Zoo : Located at the top of Mt. Hodosan, visitors can interact with animals such as Japanese monkeys and Japanese deer in a natural setting.
【Access】Chichibu Railway Nagatoro Station (20 min. walk from the ropeway station)

Mitsumine Shrine
One of the three shrines in Chichibu, founded about 1,900 years ago by Takemikoto. It is famous as one of the most famous power spots in the Kanto region. The shrine is also known as a shrine of dog god worship, with statues of wolves, not komainu (guardian dogs), on both sides of the “three torii” gates, which are rare in Japan.
【Access】From Seibu-Chichibu Station, take the Seibu Bus bound for Mitsumine Shrine, get off at the last stop, and walk about 5 minutes. 

Hitsujiyama Park: Famous for its lawn cherry blossoms. A magnificent carpet of flowers spreads from mid-April to early May every year.
【Access】By train: 20-minute walk from Seibu-Chichibu Station or Ohanabatake Station.

Minoyama Park : Cloud Sea Spot
This park is located near the summit of Minoyama (Mt. Mino), which is about 586 meters above sea level. The park is famous for its 8,000 cherry trees, and is also famous as a spot where sea of clouds can be seen. 
【Access】11 minutes by cab from “Minano” Station on the Chichibu Railway Line.

Hiking Courses : The Chichibu region of Saitama Prefecture offers many hiking courses to enjoy the rich natural environment. There are also many low mountains in the Chichibu mountain range, which are recommended for beginners and those climbing with children.
▼check these sites ▼ for reference information.
Chichibu Visitor’s Guide
All Trails : Best Trails in Chichibu


Shaved Ice
Asami Reizo : established in 1890. The ice shop produces natural ice using water from a stream at the foot of Nagatoro’s Hodosan Mountain in Chichibu. There used to be several natural ice producers in the Chichibu area, but Asaami Reizo is the only one left today.
・Kanasaki Honten / 10:00 – 16:30, closed on Thursdays
・Hodosando Store / 10:00-17:00, closed on Tuesdays

新宿(JR埼京線/ 山手線)→ 池袋(西武線特急Laview秩父号)→ 西武秩父/ 御花畑(秩父鉄道羽生行)→長瀞 
フリー切符を利用しない場合は、帰りは別のルートも良いかもしれません! 長瀞(秩父鉄道)→寄居(東武東上線小川町行き)→小川町(東武東上線急行池袋行き)→池袋(JR山手線)→新宿

阿左美冷蔵 明治23年創業。長瀞の宝登山麓から湧き出た沢の水を使用し、昔ながらの伝統製法で天然氷を製造する氷屋さん。かつては秩父地方に数軒あったという天然氷の蔵元も、現在残るのは阿左美冷蔵が唯一。
金崎本店 / 10:00~16:30頃、木曜休 、 寶登山道店 / 10:00~17:00頃、火曜休