Acceptance of Foreign Tourists (in National Isolation as of 04/04/2022)


In conclusion, as of April 4th, 2022, Japan is still in seclusion and is not yet ready to receive foreign tourists.

Even the business/residence track is not in operation, according to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Unfortunately, it seems that the acceptance of foreign tourists is still a long way off, and Japan will be left further and further behind the rest of the world. Probably, the number of Japanese traveling from Japan to other countries during the GW season in late April~early May will increase from last year. After these Japanese return to their home countries and see how the infected people are faring, I suspect that some sort of action will be taken.

It is said that the first step is to accept the students who have been issued VISAs so far, but it is calculated to take more than half a year to complete the process. From a business standpoint, one has to scratch one’s head and wonder if this approach is the right one. However, it is also a question of whether they are prepared to accept the students during this period.

Although we were urged upon our return and entry to Japan to insert three types of applications, we used only one during the quarantine period. We did not see any system deployment, such as reading QR codes at restaurant entrances, which is the case in other countries. Is the thinking that since waterfront measures are in place, if they can be prevented at the point of entry, it will be okay? Have they not thought about what to do in case some infectious disease spreads domestically? Vaccine passport app, what is this for? Of course, this Japanese app is completely useless overseas. I have never used it in Japan either. I am handed several sheets of paper at the airport to download a mysterious app.

The mysterious country will become more and more mysterious with this isolation. I will update you with any progress regarding the acceptance of foreign tourists. May that day come soon.