Hokkaido! Ultra compact trip Otaru&Hakodate 小樽・函館2泊3日


I decided to take advantage of the government’s “National Travel Discount” campaign for Japanese and went on an ultra-compact 3-day/2-night trip to Hokkaido! However, it is almost 2 days and 2 nights. The destination was Otaru and Hakodate. After all, it was my first trip to Hokkaido. The main purpose of the trip was to eat delicious food.
 Otaru: Facing Ishikari Bay and located northwest of Sapporo, Otaru is a port city in Hokkaido. Famous for the old warehouse district built in 1923 along the Otaru Canal.
 Hakodate: Famous for the night view from Mt. Hakodate, a hilly town dotted with Western-style buildings built in the early 20th century.


Haneda → New Chitose Airport (Sapporo) via AIR DO Flight 29
Departing at 15:50 and Arriving at 17:20
 The flight was scheduled to depart from Haneda Airport at 15:50 and arrive at Sapporo at 17:20, but was delayed by almost 1H due to the delay of the scheduled plane.

New Chitose Airport → Otaru: Train: 80min by JR rapid airport train without changing trains. *You can use Suica(IC card), but please make sure you have enough money left over, as the auto-charge function does not seem to be available.
Otaru → Sapporo: Train JR Rapid Airport, no transfers, about 35 min. 
Sapporo→Hakodate: Train JR Limited Express Hokuto 3h45min
*Express ticket required! We recommend making reservations in advance through Eki-net!Discounts are available! 
Hakodate→Hakodate Airport : Bus: 20 min. by airport shuttle from bus terminal #3 in front of the station
Hakodate→Haneda via ANA554 12:00 departure 13:20 arrival

Sightseeing Spots

Haneda Airport: I was meeting a friend at Haneda Airport. I thought I would sit down and do some work, but it was crowded everywhere, and the place I sat down was
 World Wine Bar : I had white wine and liver pate at this bar. Here, you can enjoy wines from various countries, and there seemed to be many foreign customers.I also made friends with an American woman who found her favorite wine and ordered it! (She lives in Yokohama)

 New Chitose Airport: We arrived late and many stores were about to close, but we managed to get in line just in time at KINOTOYA.
 I got soft ice cream and a blueberry tart. I was quite gutted with the rich soft serve ice cream.
 You can probably spend a whole day there, including Doraemon and Ramen area. There are also hot spring facilities. If you have the time and money, I highly recommend this airport.
 Otaru: It was already past 9:00 when we arrived. First, we went to the hotel.

The atmosphere of cobblestone pavement is great, but it is a bit difficult to carry suitcase. So be careful if you are traveling by train! You might want to send it in advance, or, backpacks might be better.

And it is Friday night and not many restaurants are available. We decided to go into a seafood-style izakaya.
Next morning, we woke up early. I went to the morning market.
I recommend “Rinyu Asaichi” (morning market)
It has a very good feeling of being loved by the locals, and everyone is friendly. Breakfast is served at “Asaichi Shokudo(morning market restaurant)” located in a corner of the market, where they cook fish and other items found at the market. I had the morning market set meal. Fresh sashimi and plump grilled fish. I’ll be back, sometime, next time for sure!!!
 And the fish cake fromKimura Shoten” next to it. Definitely a must-try for everyone! Freshly made fish cakes are lined up in the store.I got greedy and bought a variety of items, including fried shumai, squid, and cheese. We had a swing ride at the nearby “Canal Park”.

After that, we went to LeTAO, which is a famous souvenir shop in Otaru, where you can find all kinds of western-style confections. All of them are limited editions.

Kitaichi Glass: At Kitaichi Hall, we enjoyed a cup of milk tea in an oil lamp to recharge our energy. It was a very nice space.

After that, I headed to Otaru Station with my carry-on checked in at the hotel, and then to Sapporo. Since I had less than an hour to spare in Sapporo, I bought a travel companion at Seicomart, and then headed for Hakodate on the Hokuto Limited Express.

Night view of Mt. Hakodate: After checking in, we took the 500 yen (one way) bus from the bus terminal in front of the station to the top of the mountain!

The ropeway was closed this time of year. Depending on the time of year, it can get cold, so please check before you go. IC cards are accepted. Also, depending on the time of year, you may not be able to board or sit down due to crowding.On this day, it was around 19:00, so I was able to sit on the return trip.

Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse: On the way back, we got off the train and had dinner and a walk at Akarenga. Then it was Starbucks time…
Lucky Piero: I bought some souvenirs this time, but I would like to have a burger next time. It is walking distance from this area to the hotel in front of the station.

In the morning, wake up at 6:00 and head to the famous Hakodate morning market. 
We caught squid at 6:30 and had it raw, and from there we had a morning bowl of rice for 500 yen.

 Buy some shiokara (salted fish) and salmon toba and go for a little stroll around town. We took the streetcar to the Motomachi area. The autumn leaves are so beautiful.
 On the way, we saw Hakodate Misuzu Coffee, which we had to abandon due to time constraints, but we had a great cup of coffee at the airport.

After buying some last minute souvenirs in front of the station, we enjoyed the morning to the fullest and boarded the airport shuttle at 10:30 a.m.
 It was a quick bullet trip! 


Hotel Sonia Otaru :Top floor natural hot spring with open-air bath, great! The restaurant was also very busy, although we didn’t use it this time~! Delicious breakfast is also attractive.
Four Points by Sheraton Hakodate :As expected of the Marriott Group. Hospitality everywhere. And what’s more, it is conveniently located in front of the station.

+α Neighborhood

Sapporo: This time we only stopped by to change trains, but Seicomart(convenience store) is the best souvenir shop in Sapporo.I got some dry foods before heading to Hakodate and enjoyed the train trip!
 ・Happy Turn Hokkaido Cheese Flavor

ハッピーターン【北海道チーズ味】【34g×3個セット】亀田製菓 北海道 お土産 お菓子 スナック せんべい おかき ご当地 ギフト プレゼント お取り寄せ 送料無料

(2022/11/3 13:52時点)


福太郎 北海道フリッターおせん ほがじゃ ほたて 16枚入(2枚入×8袋)|北海道 お土産 お菓子 子供 ばらまき 個包装 退職 お礼 感謝 ありがとう お世話になりました

(2022/11/3 13:51時点)

小樽:石狩湾に面し、札幌市の北西に位置している北海道の港湾都市。小樽運河沿いにある 1923 年に造られた旧倉庫街が有名。
函館:函館山からの夜景は有名で、20 世紀初期に造られた洋風の建物が点在する坂の多い町
羽田→ 新千歳空港(札幌)AIR DO 29便  15:50発 17:20着
新千歳空港 → 小樽:電車 JR快速エアポートで乗り換えなし 80分ほど 
小樽→札幌:電車 JR快速エアポートで乗り換えなし 35分ほど 
札幌→函館:電車 JR特急北斗 3H45M 
函館→函館空港 : バス 駅前のバスターミナル  3番から空港シャトルで20分ほど
函館→羽田 ANA554便 12:00発   13:20着