Government to Allow Some Foreign Tourists to Enter Japan this Month. (Update: May 6,2022)


The Japanese government has begun to make arrangements to resume accepting new foreign tourists by June. The government is considering the possibility of allowing foreign tourists to enter Japan as early as May for the purpose of sightseeing, which is currently not permitted, as part of the government’s measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The decision will be made after assessing the infection status of the new coronavirus for about two weeks after the major holidays.

According to several government officials, the government is considering allowing foreign nationals who have received the third dose of the vaccineto enter Japan for sightseeing on a trial basis, as long as they are part of a small-group package tour with a predetermined itinerary. The government plans to make adjustments while monitoring the infection situation, and if the spread of infection is controlled, it will be expanded in stages from next month onward.

I will update the information again when there is an official announcement from the government.

(Yahoo news, 日経新聞