Tokyo Skytree 〜東京スカイツリー


Tokyo Skytree: TV・Radio Tower & Sightseeing Facilities  

【Transportation / Access】
Tobu Skytree Line “Tokyo Skytree Station
Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Oshiage (Skytree-mae) Station

【Sightseeing spots】
This is a complex facility where you can spend a whole day sightseeing. Restaurants, souvenir stores, apparel stores, observatory, planetarium, aquarium, etc. Families will never get bored. If you are able to arrange a reliable time, I recommend making reservations in advance to use the facilities!

Tokyo Solamachi
Restaurants: Tokyo Solamachi 1F & 2F, many takeout stores and shopping areas, restaurants on 6F & 7F East Yard
Souvenir stores: On the 4th floor, there is a Japan souvenir area for foreign tourists, where you can find sweets, cosmetics, crafts, and other sophisticated souvenirs. There is a specialty store on the first floor for Tokyo Skytree souvenirs.
Other stores: Japanese shopping malls for apparel, sundries, etc. You can enjoy so-called normal shopping in Japan, such as PLAZA, LOFT, ZARA, Urban Research, etc.
TEMBO DECK Floor 350 & TEMBO GALLERIA Floor 450 : The observatory is divided into two levels. The regular observation deck floor and the observation corridor further up.
Planetarium” Tenku”
There are two types of seats: regular seats and couple seats. For couples who are going to the planetarium as their main event, I recommend couples seats! For the rest of us, the regular seats are reclining enough to enjoy!

Sumida Aquarium: This is an aquarium that offers workshops and a night aquarium. Don’t miss the famous Chin-anago!

【+α Neighborhood】
You can enjoy this as a full day course with a stroll in the Kiyosumi Shirakawa area, where there are many cafes renovated from recently popular downtown buildings. Also, Sensoji Temple is within walking distance. We think it would be fun to combine sightseeing in Asakusawith a tour of the old and new downtown areas!

・飲食店:東京ソラマチ 1F & 2F  テイクアウトができるお店や商店街が数々あり、6F&7Fイーストヤード にはレストランがあります
【+α ご近所】