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I would like to inform foreign tourists visiting Japan about purchasing a JAPAN RAIL PASS before they come to Japan.If you are planning a mid- to long-term trip, I highly recommend that you make a reservation before you come here. It’s a bit of a hassle, but you need to decide your itinerary in advance, so you need to have a rough idea of your travel schedule, but you can get it cheaper than buying it in Japan. This pass can only be used once, so if you are planning a trip around Tokyo or Kansai, it is not recommended. This ticket is suitable for traveling around Japan, and you can use the Shinkansen at a very reasonable price.
Even foreigners who are already in Japan can purchase this ticket if they have never used it before.You can pick it up at the airport or at the JR Green Counter.

Please check this site! JAPAN RAIL PASS 

Transportation IC cards

Now, for those who enjoy traveling with pinpoint accuracy, I recommend prepaid cards such as Suica or Icoca (depending on the region) and Pasmo. It seems to be quite a hurdle for travelers to buy a train ticket by looking at a route map, much less a ticket to transfer from JR to Metro. The prepaid cards can be bought at vending machines and require a deposit, but once you clear the first step, you will be able to travel and shop without stress for the rest of your trip.

Basically, with this card, I think I can use it anywhere now for basic payments for conventional lines, subways, buses, and the rest, regardless of whether they are JR, private, or metropolitan. It can also be used at cabs, convenience stores, kiosks, and supermarkets.You can also recharge your credit card at ticket machines at stations and convenience stores, which is convenient.
If you are staying in Japan for a long time, I recommend you to use auto-charge from your credit card. If you are staying for a long time, you can use your credit card’s auto-recharge function, which saves you the trouble of having to recharge it every time. Furthermore, if you use mobile Suica on your cell phone, you don’t need a card. You can move around easily. Originally, there were different services, such as Suica for East Japan Railway and Pasmo for private railways, and there are still various services, but now the services have been unified, so any card can be used for all transportation. However, you cannot buy Suica at private railway stations, so please be careful.

At the end of your stay, go to the station staff next to the ticket gate or the Midori-no-Madoguchi window to get your deposit and remaining money to deactivate your card.

Taking the bus
There are two types of buses: pre-payment and post-payment. Within the 23 wards of Tokyo, the fare is generally the same, and outside of that, the fare varies depending on the distance.
①Pre-payment: Most of the time, you get on the bus from the front door, touch your IC card, take a seat, and get off from the back door.
*If you are paying in cash, make sure you have enough change and put it in the slot at the entrance (210 yen for adults).
②After-payment: Get on the bus from the back door and touch the IC card, and when you get off, touch the IC card again next to the driver.
*When you pay in cash, take a paper ticket when you get on the bus, and the ticket number will be posted at the front of the bus. When you get off the bus, you will be asked to pay the amount. (You may feel nervous as the price increases as the distance increases. (Sometimes the price is posted in units of 10 yen)
③Late night bus: If you are going far or drinking too much and will be late, you may have to take the late night bus. I think the fare has doubled. Please check!

Tokyo Metro
Various discount tickets exist.
24-hour ticket: Valid for 24 hours from the time the ticket is purchased. You can’t use it between the last train and the first train, but it’s 600 yen, so if you’re getting on and off more than four times, or if you can only use the subway, this is a great deal!

Transit Search
There are a variety of discount tickets available, but especially if you want to enjoy strolling around the suburbs of Tokyo and Osaka, you will need to know how to change trains.
There are many applications such as Google Destination Search, Yahoo Transit Guide, and Transit NAVITIME. The Japanese transportation system is quite punctual, but you can also check information on delays due to accidents, etc., so please use them!

日本を訪れる外国人観光客の方に、日本に来る前にお知らせしておきたいのが、JAPAN RAIL PASSの購入についてです。こちら、中長期の旅行をお考えの方は是非、予約をしてから来られることをお勧めします。少し面倒ですが、事前に日程を決める必要があるので、旅行日程を大まかに決める必要があるのですが、日本で購入するよりお安く手に入るのです。このPASSは1回しか利用ができません、なので、今回の旅行は東京を中心に、関西を中心になどピンポイントの場合はあまりお勧めできません。日本周遊に向いているチケットで、新幹線がかなりお得に利用できるものとなっています。既に日本にいる外国人の方でも、これまでに利用したことがなければ購入ができます。受け取りは空港やJR緑の窓口です。