Kichijoji & Inokashira Park (Tokyo) ~吉祥寺・井の頭公園


Kichijoji has long been a popular place to live. Kichijoji is close to popular urban spots such as Shibuya and Shinjuku, and yet it has many parks, including Inokashira Park, and is a town with a lot of greenery. It is a favorite place where you can relax without feeling self-conscious, with a sense of multiculturalism while still retaining a Showa-era shopping district.


By train
from Shinjuku : on the JR Chuo Line Rapid, 15 min.
from Tokyo:on the JR Chuo Line Rapid, 28min.
from Shibuya : on the Keio Inokashira Line Express, 16 min.

Inokashira Park (東京都建設局
Inokashira Park Map(東京都建設局
Sightseeing spots

Inokashira Park : Inokashira Onshi Park, which opened in 1917, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017. At the time of its opening, the park was considered a suburban park, but today it is a precious green space adjacent to a residential area. Visitors can enjoy the four seasons with cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in fall.
Inokashira Nature Park : A comprehensive family park with a zoo, aquatic life museum, sculpture hall, amusement park, and other facilities.
The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka : Studio Ghibli’s animation, which is popular worldwide, has a lot to do with Kichijoji. Since Studio Ghibli originally settled in Kichijoji, Kichijoji is a memorable place for Ghibli’s works and director Hayao Miyazaki.

Tickets are available by appointment only.

Cafes : There is a unique culture and artistic atmosphere, which has been fostered by the coffee shops. Unlike the coffee shops that can be found in every town, they all have a unique character that can only be found in Kichijoji.
  ・COFFEE HALL Kugutsusou: Since its opening in 1979, this store has been watching the changes in the city of Kichijoji. The entrance is located in a corner of the bustling Dia-gai arcade and catches the eye. Inside the store is a long-established coffee shop that looks like an underground tunnel. check here!
  ・The long-established jazz cafeSOMETIME“: Kichijoji is a town of jazz cafes. While many jazz cafes have gone out of business, this long-established store is still going strong. It is not a pure coffee shop, but it is open for lunch, so it is a place you should try at least once. Live jazz music can be heard both day and night.
  ・HATTIFNATT -Home in Kichijoji : Casual atmosphere with a fairy tale atmosphere, serving cakes, curry, doria, and pizza. (details here in Japanese)
Cat Cafe Temari no Oshiro : Cat café in Petite Village in Kichijoji. You can enjoy a party in a cat castle with rules. (Paying)


Harmonica Alley : The shopping street is a collection of about 90 shops, both old and new, with a total floor space of about 2 tsubos (about 1.5 square metres).
Sun Road shopping street
  ・Sato : Menchikatsu (fried pork cutlets)
  ・Tsukada Kamaboko shop:Kichijoji fried fish.
  ・Amane:Crispy winged taiyaki
Iseya : Yakitori at long-established yakitori shop
Maji : The special feature of this ramen is the “chunky, chewy rice noodles” and the “salt soup with the flavour of sea bream extracted”.
81 NOODLE BAR : Pork bone broth ramen during the day and dashi soba noodles at night (large portions and toppings not available).
Tombo: “Ajitama shoyu no umami soba + chashu pork” (930 yen + 300 yen).

+α Neighborhood

Asagaya : Famous as a town loved by cultural figures such as the literary and art circles, and still an area where many cultural people live.
Koenji : The area is famous for its second-hand clothes, and is home to some of the most popular shops in the country between the south side of JR Koenji Station and Shin-Koenji Station on the Marunouchi Line.
Jindaiji : Buddhist temple in Jindaiji Motomachi, Chofu City, Tokyo. Buses are available from Kichijoji.

新宿からJR中央線快速 15分
東京からJR中央線快速 28分
・COFFEE HALL くぐつ草 :1979年に開店して以来、吉祥寺の街の変化をずっと見守ってきたお店です。賑やかなダイヤ街アーケードの一角に、ふと目を惹く入口があります。店内はまるで地下トンネルのような老舗の喫茶店
・HATTIFNATT -吉祥寺のおうち- : ギャラリー&カフェ 小さな扉をくぐりに買いに行くと壁一面の絵本の世界。絵と木の可愛くて優しい空間をお楽しみください。
・Cat Cafeてまりのおしろ : 吉祥寺プティット村にある猫カフェ
・「吉祥寺 真風(マジ)」の鯛塩ラーメン 特徴は”もっちり歯ごたえのあるちぢれ麵”と”鯛の旨味を抽出した白濁スープの塩スープ”
・「麺ハチイチ/81 NOODLE BAR」昼は豚骨ラーメン、夜は『出汁蕎麦』(”大盛不可、トッピング不可”)